Which Jayhawk basketball player’s father penned the “I’m a Jayhawk” song?

-          George Bowles, 1937 & 38


Which Jayhawk basketball player’s wife is a professional bowler?

-          Mark Boxberger, 1956


Who is credited inventing blitzing and is the source of the football term ‘Red Dog’?

            -  Don Ettinger, 1942 & 47


Which KU basketball star won two Olympic gold medals?

           -   Bill Hougland  (1952 and 56)


Which KU basketball player was an Indian tribal chief?

            -  Dee Ketchum, 1959-61


How many KU coaches and players have gone on to coach in the NBA?

            -  Bob Hill, RC Buford, Larry Brown


What KU roundballer has gone on to be a major ‘rapper’ in Japan?

            -  Scott Novosel, 1995